Alexey Stoletny | Department Manager, Head of Mobile and Web Solutions | Sigma Ukraine
This session was presented at Camp Digital 2012


Responsive design: making mobile web friendlier

We are living in a whole new era where digital media has gone far beyond large displays at home and laptop screens. Wherever you go, you have a mobile phone in your pocket, or a tablet in your bag, or you stop by a terminal at an airport or a railway station. On the go you now can do things you'd never imagine to even view at a place like that before. All of these devices have inbuilt browsers, yet undoubtedly most of you have found it difficult to view pages designed for a large screen on your tiny phone. Although possible, viewing timetables or articles on a mobile device is quite often not very convenient.

We believe it is time to reconsider the entire approach to building web sites. We have to admit, what we are creating for desktop today is actually more likely to be viewed on an iPhone or iPad. We believe that the websites must be aware of the devices they are viewed on and adapt to the screen - not by changing the dimensions of the content, but by replacing the content itself. Be more situation-aware. Responsive. Be more accessible. Truly user oriented. We trust that this, along with mobile apps that make the phones usable, is the future of digital media and communications.

That is what we believe usability means today.

About Alexey

Alexey started at Sigma Ukraine a little more than 7 years ago and throughout these years has made his way from a junior developer to Head of Mobile and Web Solutions Department, being a senior developer, project manager and account manager on the way.

As a department manager Alexey is responsible for staff professional growth, client management and delivery process supervision. Along with supervising numerous ongoing projects and accounts in various branches, Alexey participates in sales activities for the UK and the U.S. markets and drives mobile competence within the company.

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