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This session was presented at Camp Digital 2012


Persuasion in design

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Persuasion in design is about understanding users' requirements and what influences their behaviour, then using this information to create effective designs. From a business perspective, an effective user experience is one that influences users to behave in a way that meets the organisation's objectives. From the user perspective, it is not just usability that is important; it is the entire experience from their initial view, through conducting tasks or transactions, to future communication. UX professionals tend to think of persuasion in design as it relates to e-commerce sites, but the concept is just as applicable to other platforms and is valid for both internal and public-facing situations. How do you create a design that is not only usable, but also influences user behaviour through emotion? Whereas traditional usability focuses on rational user behaviour, we must now understand how emotion drives actions and how to incorporate this knowledge into our designs.

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About Elisa

Elisa has over 20 years of experience as a UX practitioner, working in over 20 countries. Her career has been focused on providing a range of services in research, design, and training. She has a proven track record of developing, mentoring, and inspiring user experience teams, as well as working with clients to ensure successful engagements.

Elisa currently runs her own European User Experience Consultancy from the United Kingdom

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