Jon Ward | Director | Acuity ETS
This session was presented at Camp Digital 2012


Eye Tracking and Bio-metrics to enhance user research

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With a variety of mediums to present users content, interaction and media it is increasingly important to ensure that the user has an enjoyable journey, a user centric experience and is delivered the media relevant to them. By using a combination of technologies such as eye tracking, biometrics, physiological measures and intelligent analytic tools we can ensure that what we design, create and implement meet our customers’ needs. Using non-invasive tools to give multi-level analysis of a user’s interaction, emotional state and physical state Jon aims to show you how there are no excuses for ensuring that your chosen medium is tried and tested before launch, or that the content is as powerful and effective as it can be.

About Jon

Jon is co-owner of Acuity ETS and Acuity Intelligence - innovative technology companies offering a wide range of research and analysis tools for all aspects of human and computer interaction. With a background in intelligent video analytics and the heart of a true geek he is passionate about what Acuity do and say.

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