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This session was presented at Camp Digital 2012


How BS8878 - the UK web accessibility standards - bring together accessibility and usability

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Accessibility is all about checklists, HTML and assistive technologies. Its only impact on User Experience is to stop designers from being creative.

Sometimes, you'd be forgiven for thinking that those two statements are true.

Professor Jonathan Hassell has spent much of his last three years disproving them, both at the BBC and in other organisations, and coding how accessibility should be seen in the context of user-centred design into BS 8878.

In this presentation, he'll show how BS 8878 provides a framework for helping UX professionals embed accessibility considerations into their work, how it can empower and free them from onerous constraints, how it can challenge them to be more creative, and how the results can benefit all users, not just those with disabilities.

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About Jonathan

Prof Jonathan Hassell is a thought leader in inclusion, with 10 years experience of embedding accessibility within digital production teams, and sharing best practice at international conferences.

He is the lead author of BS8878 - the new Web Accessibility British Standards, which situate accessibility in the sort of user-centred design processes familiar to all UX professionals. He based the Standards on his work as Former Head of Usability & Accessibility for BBC Future Media where he combined usability and accessibility disciplines to support user-centred-design across web, mobile and IPTV.

He has won awards for managing the accessibility features of BBC iPlayer, and for commissioning and product managing the personalisation tool MyDisplay, and the information site My Web, My Way.

Through Hassell Inclusion he provides inclusion training and consultancy to organisations worldwide, and leads innovation projects to make inclusion easier and cheaper to implement.

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