Mattias Zaunders | Project Manager | Sigma
This session was presented at Camp Digital 2012


The mobile boardroom

Presented in collaboration with Niclas Kjellin

Looking beyond the mobile app and the more common use of iPhone and iPads around the home or for leisure, Mattias will demo a solution from our Sigma Mobile Platform (SMP) that highlights the increasing use of tablet apps for business purposes. Mattias will walk you through an iPad application specifically developed for board members and corporate meetings that allows stakeholders to share documents in a secure way. He will also address some of the common challenges faced when developing mobile applications for business use, including integration and interoperability.

About Mattias

Mattias is the team leader of Sigma's Mobile Integration business area, based in Malmö Sweden. The team is focused on Android, iPhone and iPad development and they have developed several applications for corporate and leisure use for clients

Mattias is an active technical consultant who spends much of his time meeting customers, running requirements workshops and producing development specifications. He also presents on mobile integration. Mattias has worked as a consultant since 1996 and across several different industries, including telecoms, publishing and the financial market.

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